St Aloysius College Old Scholars Association Gathering: 3rd April 2016

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Maddie Kelly (second from right) is a former National Chair of the Young Mercy Justice Tree Program.


On Sunday 3 April 2016, the St Aloysius College Old Scholars Association hosted a gathering at the College, with representatives from three generations of graduating classes in attendance. The old scholars spent the afternoon sharing stories about their school days and discussing how the Mercy ethos informed their lives. Old scholar and Social Justice advocate at St Aloysius College, Maddie Kelly (Class of 2011), shared insights into her personal understanding and experiences of Mercy. Maddie explained that “opportunities for Mercy present themselves every day,” and that ‘mercy’ is a word we can use to articulate the connection between all human beings. After the presentation, the old scholars were treated to a school tour. A highlight of the tour for many of the women was visiting the chapel and former convent, where the College’s archivist, Neville Stapleton, helped the women to find school records and photographs from their time as students. The spirit of Mercy among the women, ranging in age from 18 to 80, was tangible. Despite the fact that some of these women graduated many decades apart, each one had something in common: they shared an implicit appreciation for the Mercy charism which is deeply ingrained in the St Aloysius College graduates and that they themselves are ‘women of Mercy’ in their own ways, walking in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley.