Resources contained in this library include both those for personal reflection and those for use with staff and colleagues in fostering mercy ethos in the workplace. Resources are presented in a variety of formats and can be viewed, or downloaded for printing, free of charge. We would ask that in honouring the work of those that have developed these resources that their use includes an acknowledgement of the Mercy Ethos Office and/or the original authors of the material.


Words of Mercy

This series will invite you to explore Mercy in poetry reflecting on both the invitations and experiences of Mercy that are woven into the fabric of our everyday life and work. The poetry that comprises this collection includes both classic and contemporary poetry and is drawn from a wide cross section of style, cultures and faith experiences.  

The Gallery of Mercy

pdf This quarter explores how Mercy is expressed through art – including photographs, paintings, sculpture, poetry and story. The selections include traditional, historical and contemporary art drawn from a diverse selection of cultures, faiths and experiences.  

Mercy in our Midst

  Throughout this series "Mercy in our Midst" we will explore the ancient wisdom of the natural world contemplating, attending, discovering and listening as we seek to live a more generous, compassionate and merciful life.

Leadership in Mercy

In this quarter we will explore the key qualities of Mercy leadership as they resonate with the idea of leader as “host” considering how they have been lived in this tradition from the earliest of times and how they speak powerfully into the leadership challenges of today.  

Laudato Si - On Care for our Common Home

pdf 2015 saw the much anticipated release of the encyclical (a teaching letter) Laudato Si, On Care for Our Common Home and the opening of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. This eight week series explores the key themes of Laudato Si through the lens of Mercy, reflecting on each of the six chapters and the special challenge that they offer us in this Jubilee Year.  

In the Words of Catherine

pdf In the Words of Catherine is a 10 week series which explores some of the best known "quotes" of Catherine McAuley, looking at the stories that lay behind them, the circumstances in which they were written and the people that they were originally intended for.

Catherine's Relationships

pdf In this quarter we will explore how Catherine was in “right relationship” with God, her neighbour and with the earth. Her time in history was perhaps not acutely conscious of the need to be in right relationship with the earth but we will see hints of her concerns in this area and will explore the legacy that she left that now animates a mercy ecological perspective.