Prayer & Presence

“There are things the poor
prize more highly than gold,
tho’ they cost the donor nothing;
among these are the kind word,
the gentle compassionate look, and
the patient hearing of their sorrows.”

Catherine McAuley,
Familiar Instructions. p 138

A significant ministry of ISMAPNG is that of prayer and presence. It is in the very act of praying for our world each and every day that Sisters and their colleagues, in their hearts and minds carry the requests, concerns and needs of the world.

Together with prayer is the ministry of presence where we stand alongside those in need, volunteer in parishes, charity shops, asylum seeker organisations, offer pastoral care and visit those in poverty and those dying. Being present with those who are in need or suffering is foundational to Mercy.






Featured Ministry

South Community B

Sr Berenice Kerr RSM is Community Leader of South Community B which is situated in Victoria. In this Community many of the Sisters are active in the ministry of Prayer and Presence.

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Featured Ministry

Pastoral Care, Mercy Health

Mercy Health offers pastoral care in each of their aged care facilities. The Pastoral Care Associates provide emotional and spiritual support to residents (of all faiths and none) and their relatives, and at times also to staff. They organise appropriate denominational and ecumenical services and groups, undertake individual pastoral visiting, provide extra support at transitional times such as moving in to a facility, illness, hospitalisation and end of life. They offer supportive reflective groups such as Sacred songs, meditation and Spiritual Reminiscence. Some of our Pastoral Care staff use the reverie harp as a tool in their ministry as a non verbal means of reaching residents and providing them with comfort. This harp is open tuned so that anyone can play it without musical knowledge. This can be particularly beneficial with those suffering dementia and also residents’ families keeping bedside vigil with a dying relative.


  • “The church urgently needs the deep breath of prayer”

    Pope Francis, Apostolic Exhortation, Evengelii Gadium, 283.
  • “We can say that God’s heart is touched by intercession, yet in reality God is always there first. What our intercession achieves is that God’s power, love and faithfulness are shown ever more clearly in the midst of the people”

    Pope Francis, Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gadium, 283