Justice & Advocacy

“We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.”

Catherine McAuley,
Retreat Instructions. p 155

Grounded in Gospel values and inspired by Catherine McAuley ISMAPNG seeks to bring about a more just and compassionate world. Sisters and lay colleagues are found in significant or leadership positions as members of a variety of advocacy groups (such as Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans – ACRATH), and serving on both government and non-government agencies working in this area.


“Catherine loved the poor and while she saw the need for individual charity and almsgiving for the poor she also knew that this alone would not change the unjust structures in the wider society which locked them into a vicious cycle of grinding poverty. She saw the need to address the injustices that excluded the poor from accessing the services which would empower them to liberate themselves from this life of poverty. She developed a vision for the poor of Dublin which would empower them to take charge of their own lives”

– Caitlin Conneely rsm. Challenges from our Tradition, Mercy World Reflections, 2013





Featured Ministry

Young Mercy Links

In 2006 Young Mercy Links Victoria was launched. This initiative has its roots in “Seeds of Justice”, a network for senior students in Mercy Secondary Schools in Victoria.

The purpose of Young Mercy Links is to offer education, support and guidance to young adults who wish to continue to grow their commitment to mercy and justice in our world. In Young Mercy Links they have the opportunity to get involved with action through volunteer service and also to reflect ‘in a spirit of mercy’ on that experience within a supportive social group.

Each member makes a commitment to giving regular time to volunteer work with marginalized people. This provides opportunities for education in justice with both a local and global focus. Members of the group are encouraged to invite and welcome other adults to the network.

For more information please visit: http://yml.org.au/
  • “We are mindful that justice is Mercy in action”

    Constitutions of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea. 4.05