“They have rational and immortal
souls, created to the image and
likeness of God.”

Ursula Frayne,
Catherine Killerby, Ursula Frayne a Biography. p 139

 Working with Indigenous Peoples

Sisters of Mercy have a long history of working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in regional, rural and urban areas,  in policy think tanks and in advocacy networks. This work has been undertaken, in some parts of Australia, for over 100 years.

In the last 20 years, despite the best efforts of many, the socio-economic situation of Indigenous Peoples and their rights to self-determination have improved very little.

It is for this reason that ISMAPNG remains committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in their struggle for justice and continues to work in partnership with these people in the many ministries, recognising their special place both in Australian society and in the heart of God.

Featured Ministry

Mercy Works

Mercy Works are currently building a gathering space and accommodation to help indigenous women return to the community after prison. Yula-Punaal located near Mandalong NSW, will provide a place where women can receive support and advocacy as they make the difficult transition from prison life to re-joining their own community. The centre when completed will provide a space where women can strengthen themselves and move back to their families and communities through Aboriginal ways of knowing and doing.

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  • Among them were two Aborigines who, dressed in kangaroo-skin cloaks with their long hair hanging in ringlets on their shoulders, immediately attracted Ursula’s attention: “They are perfectly erect, very tall and of the most majestic appearance, as if they felt they were lords of the soil…They seem to be remarkably intelligent”


    Catherine Killerby, Ursula Frayne a Biography. p 111
  • For thousands of years you have lived in this land and fashioned a culture that endures to this day. And during all this time, the Spirit of God has been with you. Your “Dreaming”, which influences your lives so strongly that, no matter what happens, you remain for ever people of your culture, is your only way of touching the mystery of God’s Spirit in you and in creation. You must keep your striving for God and hold on to it in your lives….Certainly, what has been done cannot be undone. But what can now be done to remedy the deeds of yesterday must not be put off till tomorrow

    Address of Pope John Paul II to the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, Blatherskite Park, Alice Springs, Nov 1986.