Communications & Multimedia

“For we learn who we are, indeed we continue to create who we are, by the stories we tell.”

Carol Wheeler RSM,
Catherine: A Reflection on Values from the Mercy Tradition

Storytelling is an essential part of both Catholic and Mercy Tradition. The annals of the early foundations, and the many letters written by Catherine McAuley provide insight to the significance of communication in building community, of sharing stories, and in connecting with those outside the community to both educate and create support for the work of Mercy.

The ministry of Communications is significant in telling our contemporary stories, in providing information about the work of ministry within ISMAPNG and to share this work with the local, national and international communities of which we are part.

Communications is also an essential tool to providing education, raising awareness and creating dialogue around issues such as injustice and poverty and in giving voice to those most vulnerable. Today, communications are undertaken in a wide range of print and electronic media, websites, e-news bulletins and social media presence which provide a variety of platforms for engagement in spreading the message and work of Mercy.

Featured Ministry

Fraynework Multimedia

Based in Melbourne, Fraynework is a creatively focused, multimedia and communications solutions provider working with a broad range of clients primarily focused in the Not for Profit, Education, Religious and Social Enterprise sectors along with other values based initiatives in the Corporate and Government realms.

Fraynework produces high quality, award winning interactive responsive websites, database driven web applications, mobile Apps, eLearning resources, print, branding collateral and video.

As a ministry of ISMAPNG, Fraynework seeks to give voice to people whose stories are untold, to foster social cohesion and action for justice through the creation of compelling forms of digital communication and storytelling.

Fraynework assists people to tell their stories in clear, informative and engaging ways through rich media and the interactivity of digital formats, always staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies to ensure delivery of leading edge and innovative products.

Fraynework works to ensure the Mercy ‘brand’ and charism is carried forth for future generations and that the stories of Mercy continue to be told… to make an impact on the lives of thousands of people all over the world.


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