Mercy Leadership Program
& Dublin Pilgrimage

"The Order is God’s work – not mine. It will do just as well without me."

Catherine McAuley, Familiar Instructions.

Mercy Leadership Program & Dublin Pilgrimage

The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) is the sponsor of the annual Mercy Leadership Program and Dublin Pilgrimage which is facilitated on behalf of ISMAPNG by the Mercy Ethos Co-ordinator and members of the Mercy Ethos Team. Participants are primarily senior leaders of ISMAPNG’s sponsored and co-sponsored ministries and will come from a range of ministries. Participation in this program is by invitation only.

The program aims to provide the opportunity for participants to:

  • know Mercy hospitality and community.
  • broaden their knowledge of Mercy ministry and leadership responses for today.
  • reflect on how their experience and learning can inform their role as leaders in Mercy ministry today.
  • learn about leadership in the context of Catherine’s life and ministry and draw out the implications and challenges for contemporary ministry.
  • raise awareness of the legacy left by the early women of Mercy.
  • develop a sense of the global Mercy network and their place within it.
  • recognise in their own life how a spirituality of Mercy is at work.
  • enhance skills for reflection and integration of their experiences into daily life.

The program is conducted over three modules. Module One (Orientation) and Module Three (Mercy the Business of Our Lives) are each conducted over two days in Australia. Module Two, (Catherine’s Story, Our Story) is facilitated over six days and is conducted in Dublin, Ireland including time at the Mercy International Centre on Baggot Street.