Mercy in Action: ISMAPNG Solar Panels Project


Chris Hill has recently been appointed to the role of Environmental Sustainability Project Manager with ISMAPNG, one of the first projects he is working on is the installation of solar panels as part of the implementation of the Sustainable Living Policy. Below, he shares his insights into the project and his new role:


After commencing on World Environment day June 5th, I have enjoyed a comprehensive two week orientation and I met many wonderful people in Cairns, Sydney, Bathurst and Melbourne and I look forward to meeting many more in coming months. There are a number of areas where we can make some positive changes for the environment and I will continue discussions with the Sisters and the staff as we develop an action plan to address the objectives of Energy, Water, Waste, Transport, Procurement, Investment and Infrastructure identified in our Sustainable Living policy.


One of my first priorities is work on the solar energy project. The ISMAPNG property team have already begun work with King Arthur (Project Director) from BIG Procurement. The first 100 sites have been identified in conjunction with the Property Team and copies of current electricity bills have been obtained for each site. The information on the bills have allowed us to complete Interval Data Request (IDR) Forms. This information has been inputted into a modelling program which calculates the ideal solar system size for each site. Over the next 2-3 weeks the analysis for the first 100 sites will be completed and formal roll-out plans will be drawn up ready to commence the implementation phase. A total of 25 sites at a time will be implemented concurrently with an average completion date of 8 -10 weeks from commencement. Site investigations will identify the suitability of properties for installation of solar panels mindful of any restrictions or structural building issues such as heritage rules, structural safety concerns, or poor roof alignment to the sun. Any properties not suitable for the solar panel project will still be included in the LED lighting upgrades.


This is an exciting project and will reduce carbon emissions and electricity costs and is a key initiative to address the energy objective in our sustainable living policy.


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