Ongoing Formation/
Customised Programs, Audit
and Consultancy

"We can never say 'it is enough."

Catherine McAuley, Familiar Instructions.

Weekly Email Series

Subscribers to this program receive a weekly email from the Mercy Ethos Office focussed around a theme which is held for a calendar quarter. The one page email is designed for individual reflection or as a resource that could be used in the workplace for group discussion, reflection or formation. At the conclusion of each quarter, subscribers are mailed a “talking point” resource item that is designed to be used in the workplace to stimulate conversation, as a formation resource or as a physical reminder of that quarter’s content.

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Customised Programs, Audit and Consultancy

In addition to the set formation programs, the Mercy Ethos Office is able to support Mercy ministries with tailored presentations, resources and experiences that foster and promote Mercy ethos, culture and mission in the workplace.

Customised Programs that explore your ministry’s Mercy heritage, values workshops or unique formation experiences can be developed in consultation with your organisation in a style tailored to meet the needs of your staff, and can be delivered in a flexible format that best suits your particular ministry setting. We are happy to facilitate programs on site in your ministry or in another location of your choice.

Additionally the Mercy Ethos Office can assist with evaluative processes, audit instruments and consultation to support ministries in attending to, articulating, evoking, forming and resourcing their evolving Mercy ethos and culture.

For information about our customised processes, programs and experiences please contact the Mercy Ethos office to speak to one of our experienced educators about how we can best work with you in supporting your ministry.