The Mercy
Ethos Office

Animating the Evolving Spirit of Mercy

As the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea develops across our region, the mission of Mercy in our contemporary world is expressed both in the lives and work of Sisters of Mercy and through the ministries of the Institute.

The challenge in our time is to continue to adapt and to find creative and innovative ways to respond and draw others into the work of Mercy: seeking to alleviate the suffering of the poor, tending the sick and aged, providing access to education for the young and protecting the vulnerable. As more and more lay women and men join us in working in Mercy ministries they bring a great richness and diversity to our Mercy community.

The Institute Mercy Ethos Office works with the Institute Leadership Team to develop programs, strategies, resources and formation experiences to ensure that the Mercy charism is alive, evident and inspiring the lives, work and decisions of Mercy leaders and staff in the various ministries.

The office offers a variety of programs which explore the life and mission of Catherine McAuley, and how the local founding stories and provides tools and strategies for fostering and developing Mercy in the workplace.

In addition to the set programs the office is able to assist ministry staff with tailored presentations, resources and experiences that foster and promote Mercy ethos and culture in the workplace.

Our logo “Animating the evolving spirit of Mercy” reflects our understanding of the role of the Ethos Office in assessing, attending to, articulating and fostering the evolving Spirit of Mercy. The spirit of Mercy exists wherever God’s mercy is present, inspired by Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy who have courageously responded to need.

The Mercy Ethos Office promotes and develops the Mercy charism and its ongoing life within and across Mercy ministries.

The education and formation work previously carried out by the Mercy Ethos Office is now under the purview of the Mission Integration Unit.   Send us an email at if you would like to be notified as new programs and resources become available.